(NIT)- B.Tech. Students of Neelkanth Group of Institutions are always ready to take initiatives of innovations. The technical minds of learners have taken a step to club together and work for the practical approaches in their curriculum. TECHNO CLUB, is a technical innovation by the students of engineering.

Innovation is the creator of technology.
Techno Club is group of Technocrats who have an urge to innovate.
To abridge the gap between students and real engineers..!!!
To give an enriching experience about engineering…!!!
Opportunities to implement your ideas…!!!
Dare to do what you just think of…!!!

So, it is very clear that Techno Club is a group of engineering students who firmly believes in knowing the technical world they are living in. We are surrounded by several technologies and many of these are far away from our thinking. Being a resident of an engineering society, this group is trying hard to lessen the gap between these complex technologies and students. Basically, it is just a start to achieve something big and this big means to know the technology from near and develop the mind so that new and better results can evolve.