At NGI we offer a completely self-contained residential accommodation, with a 500-bed award- winning Students Hostel in the campus.Living on campus isfun,safe and convenient – you‘ll need a five-minute walk to you lectures.


The sprawling campus houses separate hostels for Boys and Girls.These hostels include AC Rooms as well. The hostel rooms are adequately ventilated and well maintained.Adequate security arrangement s have also been made with its operation overseen by an on-site Head of Institution.

There are large common rooms, a reading and a pleasant garden.Institution wireless internet access is available 24x7 throughout the complex with 100% power back-up and vehicle parking .The hostel facility is priced economically with a view to offer it advantageously.


The Hostels have their individual Mess.Every care has been taken to ensure availability of nutritious, sumptuous and hygienically cooked food to the students residing in the hostels. The housekeeping in the kitchen and the dining room, the ingredients and the meals are inspected and examined regularly by the respective Hostel Wardens.Special Meal is served on Sundays.


Amidst the lush green lawns, the Institute’s oval shaped cafeteria is situated. Along with delightful beverages and snacks that it serves, one can relax by watching the LCD TV or listening to soulful music. Quality control is stringently exercised in respect or food items sold in the cafeteria.


The Sports Complex having an ultra-modern gym armed with state of the art fitness equipment has been established in the campus. The gym is run under the supervision of an expert fitness trainer.


    • Comfortable and Spacious Rooms
    • Modern and Hygienic Kitchen
    • Nutritious and Healthy Food
    • 24x7 Security
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity and Round the Clock Internet
    • Standby Power Generator
    • Non –Stop Water Supply
    • Medical Attention
    • General Items Kiosk
    • Play Grounds and Gymnasium
Every year around 500 students enjoy the experience of living on Campus. Most say they make friends for life as a result.