At NIET, we understand the need of taking initiatives to promote small projects based creational work , which may keep the polytechnic students with the paces of developments in Science & Technology. Therefore all the students are provided adequate field exposure and technical visits. Purpose of the small project based R & D is:

(i) To develop abilities of diagnosing problems.
(ii) To develop the abilities to make literature survey, to design/develop/fabricate/test simple circuits, to prepare documents and to work as a team.

Depending upon the complexity of the work, the teacher assigns project work to a group. The group size is decided by the teacher, normally between 2 to 4 students per group. It is compulsory for all of the students to work on live projects which cover the following key areas (including writing of Technical Report):

We set out to involve students, parents and staff as active partners in the learning process, in a relevant, engaging and challenging educational programme, through commitment, self reflection and continuous improvement. We therefore firmly believe-


  • Survey and soil investigation, planning, designing preparing working drawings, estimation and scheduling of a work for a small building
  • Planning a water supply and drainage system for a house , preparation of working drawings for all the sanitary fittings, estimating quantity of materials and cost
  • Preparation of water supply and drainage scheme for a small colony with all working drawings, estimates and schedule of works
  • Given topographical sheet of the area, select alignment of a small length of road connecting tow stations.
  • Preparation of detailed drawings (L-section, cross-section and plan). Detailed estimate, schedule of work.
  • Selection of type design over a riverlet crossing a road. Preparation of working drawings, detailed estimate, schedule of work and writing of technical report.
  • Conducting survey, preparation of drawings, Estimate and writing technical report for the improvement and widening of an existing road.
  • Conducting survey work, preparation of plans, making proposals for improvement, preparation of estimate for existing road
  • Conducting survey work, preparation of plan, L-section and cross-section of a small distributory making proposals and preparing detailed estimates for earth work
  • Conducting survey work of a depression, making proposals for bund, working out capacity of reservoir and design of irrigation system
  • Planning of small civil engineering work including designs, drawings, estimates and technical report writing.


  • Simple transistor / FET / IC amplifier
  • Audio frequency mono/stereo amplifier including usual control facilities (including power amplifier and power supply stages).
  • Sine wave oscillators of given specifications using transistors/FETs/ICs (tuned oscillators, phase shift including Wein's Bridge oscillators).
  • Multivibrators of different types to produce square wave output signals of given specifications (Monostable, Bistable) using transistor FET or IC circuits.
  • Simple function generators.
  • Single dual and multiranged low voltage and low power fixed variable D.C. power supplies of different specifications using transistor and regulator ICs.
  • Timers of different types using 555/556 ICs.
  • Amplifiers, oscillators, active filters, differentiations, integrator, scale changer and other simple circuits using operational modules.
  • Simple three digit counter.
  • 24 hour and 12 hour digital clock.
  • Electronic multimeter.
  • A/D and D/A converters.
  • Interface circuits using Microprocessors.
  • Fan regulators, motor speed control, phase controlled rectifier and similar circuits using Thyristor/Triac/Diac/UJT and similar PNPN devices.
  • Simple one or two band AM radio receiver.
  • Simple transreceiver.
  • Mobile Phone based devices and Microcontroller based devices.



  • Small transformers (upto 250 VA)
  • Tube light choke (40 W)
  • Automatic star-delta starter
  • Fan regulators (choke type)
  • Fan regulator (resistance type)
  • Desert cooler (using standard fan and pump)
  • Storage water heaters (geysers) 25 Lt.
  • Air blower type room heater (2 KW)
  • Electroplating unit (nickel, chromium)
  • Repair and maintenance shop for domestic gadgets.
  • Voltage stabilizers for refrigerators (0.5 KW)
  • Emergency light
  • Thyristor control of electric motor.


  • Phase sequence indicator.
  • Inductive loading choke, 5 KW, 230 V.
  • Automatic curtain operator for a stage
  • Automatic water level controller for an overhead Tank
  • Rewinding of variac
  • Rewinding of FHP motor
  • Rewinding of ceiling/exhaust fan.
  • Rewinding of refrigerator motor (hermetically sealed)
  • Low cast intercom for home
  • Regulated power supply
  • Solid state fan regulator
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Burglar alarm
  • Hearing aid
  • Inverter circuit (500 W)
  • Digital clock
  • 2-band radio receiver (transistorised)
  • Stereo amplifier
  • Electronic door bell (chordless)
  • Light dimmer
  • Automatic control of water pump using timer
  • Object counter
  • Musical door bell with IN-OUT indication
  • Battery eliminator
  • Erection of overhead distribution over a small distance.


  • Electrical installation in a domestic building including service mains, and earthing.
  • Electrical installation in a small workshop including power wiring.
  • To provide distribution system through under ground cable in a residential colony.
  • 5KVA, 3 phase, 11 KV/.415 V pole mounted substation for a farm house.
  • Electrical installation in a public building such as school, hospital, community centre, cinema, library, auditorium, club, dispensary, polytechnic etc.
  • Electrical installations in a high building.
  • Electrical installations in a small govt. colony comprising of different category of houses.
  • 33 KV/.415 V, 3 ph, 1000 KVA, indoor substation for a bulk consumer.


Problems on design and drawing of simple machine/machine parts and preparing project report for loan to establish small scale industry to fabricate the item designed. A few examples of such items are given below:

  • Bench Vice
  • Small centrifugal pump
  • Screw jack
  • Hand Shearing Machine
  • Hand blower
  • Main Switch outer casing (Cast Iron)
  • Stepped Motor Pulley
  • Biogas Plant
  • Smoke Less Chulha
  • Hand Operated Grinder/Jucer
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Material Handling Equipments for small scale industry
  • Solar Cooker or any other simple items of general utility or industrial use


The student is expected to work on a project in consultation and acceptance with the instructor on either system software or hardware aspects related to industrial environment. The student is also expected to fabricate different cards used in PC, their testing and assembly of PC. The end targets for the project should be well defined and evaluation should place major importance on meeting these targets.

The student is expected to work and learn from implementing an application software and study its functional and performance aspects and submit a report. The evaluation must be based on the project report and the seminars.