Neelkanth Group of Institution wish all its members to derive the greatest possible benefit from being here. Neelkanth Group of Institution is committed to being a religiously and politically neutral, multicultural institute, servicing the international and local communities in India.

We set out to involve students, parents and staff as active partners in the learning process, in a relevant, engaging and challenging educational programme, through commitment, self reflection and continuous improvement. We therefore firmly believe-


  • Are respected and valued as individuals .
  • Are guided to the full realisation of their full potential.
  • Have the right to learn and to achieve to the best of their ability.
  • Have the right to an environment that embraces a love of learning .
  • Are provided a safe caring, collaborative learning environment that encourages students to think for themselves and foster a commitment of lifelong learning.
  • Diverse needs are accommodated openly, providing their academic and physical requirements can be realistically accommodated.
  • Have a community that respects and supports learning.


  • Are knowledgeable in their respective content areas.
  • Have many different styles and unique talents.
  • Are flexible, nurturing, and willing to take a risk.
  • Are accountable to the mission of the Group.
  • Grow personally and professionally.


  • Address student needs.
  • Actively involve all students.
  • Support student growth and success.
  • Are integrated, dynamic, multi-dimensional and encourage learnings.
  • Model compassion.
  • Develop technologically fluent students.
  • Prepare the learner for a changing world as a creative, critical thinker and problem solver.