In the current decade the environment in all its forms is changing at an unprecedented pace. Specifically speaking, economy, culture, technology, business, customer preferences, regulations, etc. have become so dynamic that we are finding it increasingly difficult to cope up with them. Competition has entered into every sphere of life and for achieving success sincere and dedicated hard work in the right direction is inevitable.

Therefore, we at Neelkanth Institute of Technology are leaving no stone unturned to accomplish the needful.
We are laying unparalleled emphasis on providing quality technical education, developing communication abilities, empowering students to think independently.

We have mobilized opportunities for nurturing aesthetics and creativity by participation in performing arts and cultural activities as part of our mission to provide avenues or holistic education with a view to transform our students into competent professionals.
To sum up rather than just conveying information, we teach students the techniques of learning and provide the environment as well as resources that encourage and support this approach to learning.

On the other front we are urging the faculty members to get actively involved in research. They are also encouraged for research paper publications and for attending and presenting papers in the conferences both in India and abroad. Furthermore, we encourage our faculty members and staff for higher studies too.
It is our conviction that the reputation of an institution of higher learning is based on the character and performance of individuals who work and live in it, the teachers and students.

There can be challenges which may appear formidable. But, those who have the will, determination and perseverance shall overcome the difficulties and attain higher levels of achievement in the pursuit of excellence.

Our sacred endeavour rests upon the belief:
"The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind."

I wish you the best,
Dr Praveen K Malik