NGI organizes Annual Cultural Fest and Cultural programmes round the year . These celebrations attracts huge participants from the student community. Understanding the culture of a nation, people, or group—the arts, beliefs, customs, practices, values, and social behaviors—lies at the heart of NGI. By attending cultural events, a NGI student experiences firsthand ,the diverse offerings of culture and artistic expression found in a community. Education cannot happen just at classroom —it must go beyond the walls of the classroom.

At NEELKANTH GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, qualified cultural events include:

  • A live performance of music, dance, drama, or poetry recitation.
  • A visit to an art gallery or museum.
  • Art performances.
  • Youth Festivals

Culture is the customs, ideas, and beliefs of a particular society and country while cultural activities are activities that connected to the culture..

VIBRATIONS –Youth Festival

Vibration is an annual cultural extravaganza at NGI. Vibration is a two day cultural youth festival which sees participation and involvement of students from various colleges of NGI and other colleges too.

For overall development of students NGI has done various activities which focuses on the student’s interest in varies field. The function gives students the following edge:-

  • Gives an opportunity to the students to display their talent .
  • To come forward; build up their confidence level and enhance skills.
  • To work in a team and improve group dynamics.
  • To develop leadership skills.
  • To gain a sense of responsibility.
  • To display talents and potential of students.

“VIBRATION” spreads happiness and glory to all . Loud music, tapping feet, excitement and an enthusiastic crowd is the mesmerizing scene at NGI Annual Fest.

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